Canine Reproduction

Theriogenology/Reproductive Services

Thank you for choosing Dr. Jane Barber and our hospital to manage your breeding.  You can be assured our entire team will do all we can to make it as successful as possible.

A critical component of the breeding management process is the initial breeding soundness examination and consultation. In this appointment Dr. Barber will perform a thorough physical examination on your female and will discuss with you  all aspects of the breeding process,  to include the  type of breeding  being planned and  coordination of  semen shipments if required,  performing initial blood tests, dispensing of prenatal  supplements and the review of past breeding and familial  history.

Hormonal testing is necessary to determine accurate ovulation, breeding and whelping dates.  Progesterone testing must be conducted in adherence to Dr. Barber’s recommendations. ALL timing must be carried out to completion so that the ovulation date can be confirmed. Other hormonal assays, such as LH testing may be required.  If ovulation timing is to be performed elsewhere, we need to be involved from the initial test so that we are fully informed and can plan accordingly.  

Brucellosis testing is required each and every season a bitch is to be bred.

Once the female has ovulated and been bred we will determine the best ultrasound and term radiograph dates. Ultrasound imaging confirms pregnancy and normal fetal development, whereas the term gestation radiograph will give an accurate puppy   count (in most cases) and allow assessment of fetal size relative to that of the birth canal. During the term gestation radiograph appointment, we will review preparation for whelping and ON CALL services.  (See below)

One benefit for dog breeders engaging our team to manage your bitch’s breeding is our ON CALL service. This service is offered to our clients only when they allow us to manage the breeding from the start of the female’s estrus cycle. Regardless of where the ovulation timing is performed, the KEY is to inform our office that you are planning a breeding and that timing is being performed. We will NOT offer ON CALL service to anyone who fails to meet their obligation to contact us prospectively. We ask clients to call us when their bitch comes into season, if not beforehand during the planning phase. This will allow Dr. Barber and her team to make the necessary medical notes in the bitch’s medical record and will allow Dr. Jane to coordinate efforts with all parties involved. ON CALL service is a privilege that enables our clients to have Dr. Barber’s private cell phone to call in the event of an after hours emergency.

ON CALL coverage is for a period of three days, beginning one day prior to whelp date, and  continuing through the anticipated  day of  whelp and the day after whelp. If ovulation has NOT been confirmed then ON CALL service cannot be offered.

ON CALL service fees are assessed by the number of team members required to be ON CALL. This number is influenced by both the size and temperament of the bitch, and the number of puppies she is carrying. We require at least a two week notice that you wish to retain our team for ON CALL services.

**** Please note that VSL reserves the right to change and modify ON CALL service at anytime. We will work hard to notify our clients of any changes as they may occur. VSL has the right not to offer ON CALL services during certain weekdays, weekends and holidays.

Theriogenology Services - Planning Your Breeding - What to Expect: Click here to read more.

Transcervical Insemination (TCI)

Transcervical Insemination is an innovative method of artificial

Insemination that uses specialized endoscopic equipment. The procedure is performed by placing a scope through the vulva vault and advanced to the cervix where the semen is then deposited into the uterus. Transcervical inseminations are typically performed in an awake, standing bitch. TCI’s may result in higher conception rates and litter sizes. TCI breeding’s are particularly indicated when using semen of suboptimal quality.

A Pyometra Success Story!  QTEE, a champion Cornish Rex female, contracted a very serious uterine infection.  She was hospitalized treated for a week here at Veterinary Specialties and eventually recovered nicely but her owner feared that her reproductive organs would be permanently damaged and render her unable to have kittens.  So it was a great day for celebration on August first of this year when QTEE delivered 7 healthy kittens!


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