Laser Therapy

Introducing the Newest Way to Help Manage Your Pet's Pain!

The Grady Laser has remarkable benefits for pets with problems such as:
•        *Acute and Chronic Otitis
•         *Intervertebral Disc Disease
•         *Anal Glands
•         *Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease
•         *Hip Dysplasia
•        * Cranial Cruciate Ligament
•         *Chronic Pain and Inflammation
•         *Degenerative Joint Disease
•         *Dermatological Disorders and Hot Spots
•         *Arthritis and Lick Granulomas
•         *Postoperative wound healing
Laser therapy is the application of a coherent light. The laser light consists of multiple light waves in which all the waves support one another. Laser therapy is a holistic, non-invasive, effective way to treat and manage many different conditions.
How does LASER THERAPY work?
The laser beam stimulates the cells and tissue to be healthy. It also reduces inflammation so that healing can begin. By reducing inflammation, the laser is also a great tool for helping to minimize the pain of many chronic conditions like arthritis.
What will my pet feel when receiving the LASER THERAPY?
Laser therapy is a painless application of healing light. Your pet might feel a slight tingling as the light enter the tissue and cells, but it is very minimal if at all.
How long will each treatment take?
The treatment time depends on how chronic the condition is and the depth the laser light needs to reach to be effective. However, almost all treatments will be between two and ten minutes.
 How many treatments will my pet need?
The number of treatments can vary greatly based on the condition, but many pet owner notice a positive difference within three or four treatments.
What are the costs of the treatments?
Talk to our veterinary staff as cost can vary depending on if you purchase a package of multiple treatments, or would prefer to pay per treatment, but treatments are reasonable in cost.
What are the benefits of LASER THERAPY?
•         *any species can be treated with the laser, including dogs, cats, birds and small mammals
•        * nonsurgical treatment, no sedation required
•        * extremely safe with no long-term side effects
•         *speeds the healing process
•         *may decrease the amount of chronic pain medication needed
•         *affordable
•         *customizable for each individual patient’s needs
How do I help my pet become less painful using LASER THERAPY?
Call us and ask if your pet would benefit from this service. Dr Barber  will be consulted and discuss specific therapy plans and costs for your individual pet(s) and the initial service can be scheduled.
Treatment for pets with known existing appropriate conditions can be commenced right away. Pets with new problems, or those who are not current on a physical exam, require a doctor’s evaluation to determine the correct diagnosis before we can prescribe and perform laser therapy.

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