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 Vegas, being treated for arthritis

 Molly our Brittany spaniel at around 2-1/2 years old started picking up her right hind leg and keeping it up for several steps. She began doing this more and more and was diagnosed with Patella Luxation. On 4/23/14 she had surgery for the Patella Luxation
and a torn Cruciate Ligament.

After 20 weeks of recovery strictly following all of the Surgeons instructions including taking her swimming Molly was still exhibiting the very same symptoms of picking up her right hind leg and keeping it up for sometimes as many as 15 steps or more.

We brought Molly back to the Surgeon who advised the surgery had been successful however, she could not tell us what was causing Molly to still have the same difficulties.

We tried medications, physical therapy, unfortunately as it was now late fall and going into the winter months we were unable to take her swimming. There were no local veterinarians in our area that offered hydro-therapy and the costs involved were definitely becoming a factor.

To say that we 'were disheartened after almost a year of all the hard work and effort, Molly was still having difficulties with her right hind leg is an understatement.

Then in mid-April of this year, our Veterinarian Dr. Jane Barber, advised she was considering a Laser Therapy trial for her practice and felt that Molly would be a good candidate so we gave it a try. Molly had three weeks, 2 sessions per week, of the Laser Therapy.

By the end of the second week, I noticed that Molly was doing what I would call a little skip. She had stopped picking up the leg and keeping it up.

After the third week and final treatment, Molly's little skip has been less and less, and I have not seen her keep her leg up at all.

We are extremely encouraged by Molly's results and hope that Dr. Barber will be able to provide Laser. Therapy for her clients. This is the first time in over a year now that Molly is bounding around the yard on all four paws!!!! 

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